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Improved Communication. Zero Unhealthy Workplace Conflicts. Productive Teams.
Emergenetics Top Independent Sales Leader (Asia-Pacific 2014 Award Winner)
Emergenetics Asia-Pacific Associate Award for Independent Sales Leader (Gold Award 2016)

Is Your Team Or Organisation Suffering From Abysmal

Employee Engagement Levels?


As A Senior Executive, Do You Experience Challenges In

Driving Change In Your Organisation?


If You Are A People Manager, Are You Frustrated With Your

Team Frequently Getting Into Unproductive Conflicts?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, we may have the solution for you.

The Emergenetics Profile is one of the most reliable and valid psychometric profiling instruments in the world that can help you solve these problems.

3 Behavioural Attributes

It helps to:

  • Explain one’s thinking and behavioural preferences that influence our communication and decision-making styles
  • Enable team members to be more aware of the varied personalities at the workplace and how to work better with each of them
  • Clarify why some types of thinking and behaviour come so effortless to an individual while some cost more energy to him/her
  • Describe a group’s pre-dominant preference(s) so that change in any form can be managed quicker and smoother
  • Improve a leader’s capabilities so that his/her team can stay engaged and motivated in any circumstance

But Why Emergenetics And Not Another Profiling Instrument?

When you use Emergenetics, you know that you can rely on the psychometrics behind the tool and programmes.

That’s because Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams, the founders of the Emergenetics Profile, developed the tool after years of extensive research. The 100-item questionnaire is the product of rigorous research proven to reliably capture seven fundamental thinking and behavioural preferences.

With so many profiling tools in the market, here’s why the Emergenetics Profile has that edge.

Emergenetics Profile

Why Right Impact  For Emergenetics Profiling?

Because our Emergenetics workshops and related programmes are experienced-driven, energy-packed and not your run-of-the-mill training workshops.

Prof. Chin Jing Jih

"(Right Impact’s) Emergenetics is not just a workshop…it helps people understand themselves and their colleagues better…it is done in a friendly way such that people are actually able to learn as they enjoy themselves, which is the most effective way of learning…I would strongly recommend companies and organisations to try it because the working relationships and communication amongst staff members would improve."

President of the Executive Council
Singapore Medical Association

And...forgive us for a little bragging, but in recent years, we have also won the following Emergenetics accolades:
  • 2017 Leading Independent Associate – Excellence Award
  • 2016 Gold Overall Independent Sales Leader
  • 2016 Silver Independent Sales Leader (Emergenetics Profiles)
  • 2016 Highest Participant-Rated Emergenetics Trainer in Singapore - Shan K
  • 2015 Top Independent Tip Sheet Sales Leader
  • 2014 Overall Top Independent Sales Leader
  • 2014 Highest Participant-Rated Emergenetics Trainer in Singapore – Andy Pan

Here’s another testimonial from another reputable client:

Ms Kay Ang

Right Impact has been appointed by The Body Shop to facilitate a number of full-day team engagement programmes with Emergenetics for various departments...we would like to thank them for their dedication and professionalism in consistently deilvering and facilitating these programmes in the most dynamic, comprehensive, well-structured, lively and engaging way...
The participants’ feedback of the programmes has been 100% positive – the realisation of their own and team members’ preferred thinking and behavioural patterns have resulted in improved communication and interaction among colleagues...
Being cognisant of the differences breaks down barriers, and hence enhances cooperation and collaboration among our employees, which is one of the key success factors to an efficient organisation.

APAC HR Business Partner
The Body Shop
But perhaps you may still have some doubts...

Then you might want to watch the following video to see how our various Emergenetics workshops are conducted.

Check Out Some Of Our Other Clients Who Have Used Emergenetics To Great Effect In Their Organisations:

  • Legg Mason Asset Management National Healthcare Group Singapore Tourism Board Watsons
  • British American Tobacco Caterpillar Singtel Nanyang Business School


This means that with only a nett investment amount of SGD3000, you’ll be able to enjoy a full-day workshop for up to 20 participants and make almost 50% in cost savings!

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Click This Link To Read About Our Published Article About Emergenetics On The Straits Times RECRUIT Section:


May We Introduce Our Engaging Emergenetics Facilitators:

Andy Pan

Andy Pan

Principal Trainer / Consultant
Shan K

Shan K

Principal Trainer / Consultant
Terence Tan

Terence Tan

Trainer / Consultant

So are you interested in getting to know your people better and improve your organisation’s productivity with Emergenetics?

Just fill in the form on the side and click “Submit”. Then let our experienced organisation development consultants and facilitators take over from there!

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