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Training Framework

Effective Team Building Training Framework

As advocators of experiential learning, at Right Impact, we deliver high-impact, effective Teambuilding programmes with structured debrief after every activity.

However, in your experience, usually what happens after such a programme?

What happens when your employees start work the next day?

Do they return to their previous ‘behaviours’ and the teambuilding became only a distant memory?

Thus, in addition to our signature teambuilding programmes, we offer Team Learning workshops that can further impart tangible behavioural skills that your employees can apply immediately. In this way, your team gets strengthened and unhealthy conflicts can be prevented in future, with a marked increase in professional competencies.

Lastly, with a view of truly helping our clients in Team Development, we can consult with you to transform your organisation positively for the long run. Coming from a solution-focused perspective, we will work with you to achieve greater success in employee engagement using proven approaches and instruments, thereby improving workplace productivity.

When it comes to building a team or developing an organisation’s people, we are the experts.

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