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Training Methodology

Training Methodology


We use the L.E.A.D© model to ensure success and maximum learning by participants for all our training programmes. We believe that in order for any programmme to be highly effective, we need to “lead” it well.


It has been ascertained that the human mind cannot effectively concentrate on auditory information for more than 45 minutes. Hence, we use multiple bite-sized lectures to distil information quickly and efficiently while maintaining the essence of the subject matter.

Experiential Activities

Confucius once said that "what we do, we understand". At Right Impact, we promote training through experiential activities that enable all participants to learn by involvement.


By using case studies and discussion-based exercises, our training programmes are geared towards maximising participant interaction and group learning. Apart from the trainer, we believe that each training session is an opportunity for everyone to learn from everyone else through the sharing of experiences and opinions.

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