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Project Streamline

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  • The Running Team
  • The Running Team

In his monumental book, The Fifth Discipline, author and management guru, Peter Senge, espoused the group problem-solving concept and practice of systems thinking to convert companies into learning organisations.

Essentially, Senge’s management strategies encourage companies to see themselves as a system, or as part of a system, where its constituent parts interrelate and interact with each other, which results in positive or undesirable employee behaviours.

In Project Streamline, we turn these words into an engaging, experiential teambuilding activity. Hence, the participants can learn through powerful learning moments and reflective segments!

Using the backdrop of constructing and marketing an infrastructure project, the participants would be split into smaller teams, and each team is further delegated into 4 separate “departments” – Traders, Procurement, Builders and Sales.

With departmental, team and whole group KPIs to meet in a strict time window, participants would find themselves in perpetual decision dilemmas as they race against time to achieve their revenue goals.

In fact, along the way, changing market conditions such as raw material price changes, will challenge the teams to work collaboratively and resolve unforeseen obstacles with their negotiation, strategic planning, and risk management skills.

This. Is. Project Sreamline!

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