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Themed Activity Series

The Supercar

  • The Supercar

Inspired by the speeds, thrills and amazing teamwork of the crews in F1 Racing, The Supercar is a competitive teambuilding activity that gets the entire group involved to design and build model cars to race against one another.

But nothing comes easy in a challenge as exciting as this. To design and build the car, each team works through a series of challenges that helps them win various materials needed to put together a working model of a Supercar!

After the Building Phase comes the high adrenaline Racing Phase, where teams need to race their cars using a remote handling device on a circuit made on the floor. The energy in the air during this phase crackles with the intensity and competition amidst the teams. But do trust us...it isn’t as straightforward as it seems...remember...speed in all its forms is the key to success here.

With teams vying for points on various parameters - including design, team work, timelines and racing position - this is one challenge that gets every single member in a team actively engaged and in a frenzy! Vroom! Vroom!

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